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How could just one person write a book about collaboration? Knowing that would be impossible; the dynamic team of Amy Pearl, Stephanie Phibbs, and Diane Roesch...well...collaborated. Amy, Stephanie, and Diane have worked together for years, along with the creator of the Collaborative Workplace model, Judi Spear. Together, they provide strategic solutions and simple tools to help business leaders and human resources professionals achieve their workforce goals.

Today, Amy, Stephanie, Diane, Judi and newest team member, Kris Coleman use their engaging approach and realistic perspectives to help people discover their talents, achieve their goals, and get energized by their work. Through their company RV Rhodes, they have delivered leadership and organizational assessment and development programs for twenty years including:

  • Employee surveys to measure the level of collaboration in your workplace
  • Online assessments and customized 360 degree feedback for candidate screening, succession planning, leadership development, and more
  • Aspiring Executives, a learning and networking experience to build your leadership talent
  • Speaking engagements to energize your team


While Amy, Diane and Kris live in Buffalo, New York, Judi and Stephanie live in Ontario, Canada, making this a cross-border collaboration. They share a passion for family and having fun at work, and their energy and enthusiasm is contagious. The team believes strongly in giving back. A portion of the proceeds from this book will be used to promote and advance behavioral and emotional health in our community.

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