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  • Breakthrough Tools Download the Breakthrough Tools from The Collaboration Breakthrough.
  • Confidence Measure and build trust and confidence among your team with the Confidence Quiz, Confidence Inventory, Team Confidence Inventory, Confidence Builders and Confidence Busters.
  • Conversations Create road maps for Coaching Conversations, StraightTalk Conversations and Agreement Building Conversations.
  • Commitment Use the Five Questions for collecting ideas and perspectives, while building influence and agreement.
  • Clarity Write your Playbook and display it to communicate and track your progress.
  • Courage Identify your most important or difficult issue and build a plan to tackle it head on.
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Create a Collaboration Breakthrough in your life. You'll start in by identifying your current and ideal workplace. Then, you'll get tools and tips that go beyond what you read in the book in order to create a collaborative workplace and achieve your goals. 60 minutes.
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Speak Their Language Starter Kit
Learn to Speak Their Language with the Everything DiSC Profile: In just 15 minutes, you can have the knowledge and tools to communicate effectively with any one at any level. First, you'll take the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile. Once complete, you'll receive your Profile and our Speak Their Language Starter Kit to create a road map for communicating with everyone in your life.
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