The Quiz Results Are In!

Yesterday we shared a brief quiz to help you identify your workplace culture. Are you ready to see your result!? If you haven’t taken the quiz, please click here to do so before reading on!

IF YOU HAVE MOSTLY A’S: You have a Defensive Workplace

It may seem hopeless right now as you most likely see elements of a select few making all the decisions. But know you have the power to create your dream workplace. It will take time and patience. Review your quiz responses and pick a safe and easy place to start. One small breakthrough at a time will help others have confidence in you as someone who can make changes while building relationships. One word of caution – don’t try to jump from Defensive to Collaborative too quickly. Over time, you will see your organization becoming more Paternalistic and then more Open as you move toward a Collaborative Workplace.

This is a normal transition as your coworkers become more comfortable with your new ways of operating and gain the courage to try them on their own.

IF YOU HAVE MOSTLY B’S: You have a Paternalistic Workplace

This is a very common workplace. Making progress will take effort, but you can do it! You may see many elements of a hierarchical culture. Although it might seem to the outside world like you’re one big happy family, those on the inside see the problems. Review your quiz responses to identify your most important or difficult problem. Then, study the resources in the back of The Collaboration Breakthrough book for breakthrough tools and diplomatic ways of driving change while keeping the peace.

IF YOU HAVE MOSTLY C’S: You have an Open Workplace

You’re almost there! You see many elements of a chaotic culture: You’re informed, involved and, most likely, juggling a lot of balls every day. This can be energizing at times, while draining and stressful at others. Fine tuning your culture by implementing the ideas at the back of The Collaboration Breakthrough book is an essential next step for your ongoing success.

IF YOU HAVE MOSTLY D’S: You have a Collaborative Workplace

Congratulations! You may see many elements of your dream workplace in your real life workplace. Study the survey questions to identify where you have opportunity to improve.

The Collaboration Breakthrough book will give you more ideas for building collaboration with your team. Note that sometimes all four workplaces exist within one organization. Think about how you can inspire other teams within your organization to increase their level of collaboration with others.

Your team can take the full Collaboration Breakthrough Employee Survey. Visit for more information.

Honestly… what have you got to lose?

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