From Perfection to Happiness

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I’m hoping you stumbled across this page because you’re watching my YouTube Series “From Perfection to Happiness”.

When I’m coaching folks, they often are striving for laudable, but unreasonable goals leaving them frustrated and, sometimes, angry.  I know how they feel.  I have perfectionist tendencies myself.

In this video series, I’ll tell you the backstory about how I changed my focus from striving for perfection to striving for happiness.  More importantly, I’ll share five strategies that I use to stay focused on creating happiness in my life:  Priorities, Planning, Presence, Purging and Peace.

Click here to download my two-page viewers guide.  It will help you to create your own strategies to ignite happiness in your life.


Amy Pearl

Chief Optimizer

Work Ignited

Amy A. Pearl

Amy is the Chief Optimizer at Work Ignited and the author of Amazon #1 Best Seller "The Collaboration Breakthrough". For almost twenty years, Amy and her team has provided strategic solutions and simple tools to help business leaders and HR professionals ignite their passion, ignite their teams, and ignite their workplaces. Amy specializes in helping individuals and entire organizations think differently and achieve more by bringing data to life through employee surveys, psychometric assessments, and 360° feedback assessments.

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